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ProTed Rotary Tedders


ProTed™ Series rotary tedders help you make high-quality hay in difficult weather conditions and climates. Tedding fluffs and evenly distributes your crop to expose damp hay to sunlight and air, which helps it dry quicker. The durable ProTed Series uses coil spring tines to efficiently lift crop off the ground and invert it so that the crop on the bottom of the windrow is now exposed on top. By speeding up and evening out drying, you can bale sooner or before bad weather hits. If showers do unexpectedly arrive, use your ProTed tedder to spread out damp crops to help it dry out quicker. Don’t risk your hay when you can dry it the fast and professional way.

PROTED™ 3417
This four-rotor tedder is perfect for traditional haymakers using nine- or ten-foot-wide mowers. Six tine arms per rotor and a low overall weight make this model perfect for smaller tractors as it requires a minimum of just 20 PTO horsepower to operate.

PROTED™ 3625
This six-rotor tedder boasts a working width of nearly 25 feet for 50% more productivity than four-rotor models. The extra width means you can maintain your ideal tedding speed and fluff three swaths simultaneously to finish faster. Each rotor uses seven tine arms to handle heavy windrows from larger mowers. Since not all crop conditions are the same, the wheel columns can be adjusted to provide three different rotor angles. The right position can enhance spreading action and help speed up drying. A steep angle is more aggressive, while a flatter angle is gentler to help prevent leaf loss in high-value crops like alfalfa.

The ProTed 3625 has a border tedding system that lets you hydraulically angle the entire machine left or right without leaving the tractor seat. By angling the rotor, you can avoid unintentionally spreading material onto fences or adjacent fields, helping you keep more of your valuable crop and protect others.