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SmartPan System

How the Bushel Plus SmartPan System Works

The Bushel Plus Smartpan System is precise, dependable, and designed to measure grain loss easily with any combine. With your safety in mind, all units are remote controlled and portable so that no, wiring or bolts are needed to attach it to the combine. Our magnetic drop pan can quickly and easily move from one combine to the other – no tools needed!

Four fast and easy steps to measure your loss and put more grain in the bin!

  1. Attach the magnetic drop pan to any combine in seconds

  2. Safely release the drop pan using the remote or the SmartDrop app

  3. Clean the sample with the Bushel Plus Air Separator

  4. Check your results with the SmartDrop APP

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  • smartpan step2
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New Separator 2019 500x333Fast, Effective Sample Cleaning

Cleaning your sample just became a whole lot easier! Instead of wasting valuable time with hand sieves, or your own breath, we supply our customers with an air separator in every set.  Highly portable and equipped with a variable speed fan, this unit allows you to clean your sample within seconds compared to minutes wasted in the field. It will blow your mind, just as well as it blows the chaff and straw away from your grain kernels.

Why Choose The Bushel Plus SmartPan System?


app pic bushel plus 450x300Precision Measurement

To put a number to your measured sample, we supply you with a high-quality digital field scale. Weigh the grain sample and use our SmartDrop App for fast and easy industry-certified loss analysis. Whether you’re dropping or spreading the straw, using chaff carts or seed destructors, our scenario-based calculations will help you to put the loss in perspective. The App calculates in both Metric and Imperial, and even let’s you save your machine and crop settings to keep records for future quick reference.

Share your results with your drivers, team and friends by messenger or email. Access combine tips created by PAMI and the Canola Council of Canada to fine-tune your settings.

The Smart Drop App


Products 450x397Discover which SmartPan System is Right for You

Included With Every SmartPan System*:

  • Carrier Unit (attaches to the combine)

  • Canola/Cereal Drop Pan (large pan)

  • Canola/Long Stubble Drop Pan (small pan)

  • Separator

  • Scale

  • Smart Charger

  • User Manual for your Bushel Plus Set (not shown)

  • Reference Guides (not shown)

  • Free access to the APP

*Please note, when making your purchase, that you may notice two separate part numbers that make up the entire system. The Air Separator has a separate part number for inventory tracking purposes but is sold together with the rest of the SmartPan features to make up the entire system.


medium pan combine 500x37540`` SmartPan System - The Flagship

40” – 1m

This is our most versatile DROP PAN!  It fits perfectly on the back axle, which allows you to check your losses from the rotor and the sieves.

It is great in high stubble crops (with stripper headers, canola, hemp, corn, sunflower, etc.). It fits beneath the feeder house, to be kept safe and high enough away from the tall stubble compared to the back axle mounting point.

When attached to the header, it allows you to understand your header losses as well as your losses while using a chaff spreader/chopper implement.

It is a must-have for anyone that is harvesting grains and specialty crops.

PRO-TIP: Use two FLAGSHIP solutions with our SMART DROP app and collect samples from the back axle and header at the same time. This allows you to truly understand your losses while harvesting in spread mode.


Large Setup 2 e1569453653968 500x30560`` SmartPan System - The Wide Setup

60” – 1.5m

This DROP PAN is for those growers and agriculturists that would like to take a slightly different approach to sample collection and combine calibration. It is great for collecting a sample from the entire width of the sieves while dropping straw and chaff in a windrow.


mini 3 500x28120`` SmartPan System - The Mini

20” – 0.5m

This is a terrific solution for plot and research combines – drumroll researchers and agronomists. The MINI is ideal for collecting samples in long stubble conditions with 30” row spacing (corn, sorghum, sunflowers, etc.) It fits between the wide stubble rows and works well with other implement options such as chaff decks.