Options & Accessories

Westfield has developed and refined the best grain augers available. To make your job even easier, Westfield has a full lineup of options and accessories.

These options and accessories are a great addition so you can do more with your augers, like our power swings with two-wheel drive design and large lug tires for maximum traction and balance, allowing it to mount easily to your MKX series hoppers. If you need a good transferring equipment to easily move with multiple capacities, our transfer (poly) augers do the job for you. Light and maneuverable, you can transfer your hopper and perform fast and easy unloading. We still carry more in our list of additional accessories: our spout to reduce spillage and overflow damage, our poly hopper for easy tillage and minimum spillage, led light kits, swivel arc kits, battery holder and bristle flighting.