Belt Conveyors

An economical top drive belt conveyor - ideal for bin load-out and handling delicate seeds and commodities.

The belt conveyor is built to the convenience of the operator, and as hardworking people, we understand you need features to help you make transporting seeds easy. These conveyors are an ideal equipment for handling the most delicate seeds in your crops. It features a 35' long 10" diameter 14-gauge tube 13", 2-ply rubber belt coupled with nylon slider backing and alligator lacing for maximum endurance. It features heavy-duty bearings and adjustable rollers to accommodate your conveyors in its area. Four-bolt hubs and taper wheel bearings make the unit suitable for towing and its removable tow hitch allows easy maneuverability during operation. It has easy belt adjustments and optimum balance thanks to its two different frame configurations (one for electric and one for hydraulic) which keeps the hitch weight down, allowing easy handling of the conveyor.