A leading manufacturer of portable grain augers producing an extensive line of grain augers and bin unloading equipment.

Over the last 60 years, Westfield has developed and refined the finest grain augers available. With a commitment to farm-proven designs and innovation, Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior quality products. As a result, Westfield has grown to be the number one portable grain auger manufacturer in North America.

It all started in 1950 when Abraham Plett bought a grain auger to sell to a customer, only to realize it collapsed under a large load. It was brought to his attention and took the opportunity to design a better undercarriage. Shortly after, the manufacturer refused to include his design improvements and it persuaded Plett to build better augers on his own. Abraham sold his first two augers in 1951, choosing the name Westfield along with the now-familiar bright yellow color, reminiscent of fields of golden prairie wheat.