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Equipment Videos

Explore the latest equipment videos at Intermountain New Holland to see their wide range of agricultural machinery in action. Featuring high-quality demonstrations of New Holland tractors, combines, hay tools, and construction equipment, these videos provide a detailed look at the performance and capabilities of each machine. Whether you're interested in the latest advancements in forage equipment or seeking reliable tools for your farming needs, these videos offer valuable insights to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Visit Intermountain New Holland's equipment videos page to stay updated on the newest products and innovations in the agricultural industry​.

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  • T6.180 Methane Power Tractor Overview

    A promising concept is now a reality. The T6.180 Methane Power tractor marks a first in the industry, designed to minimize emissions while maximizing profitability and productivity with unimpeded performance. Farms with a biodigester can become energy self-sufficient by producing compressed biomethane to power the tractor while municipalities with expanding fleets of compressed natural gas (CNG) can further reduce their emissions footprint. Learn more here: https://agriculture.newholland.com/en-us/nar/products/tractors-telehandlers/t6-180-methane-power

  • New Holland T9 SmartTrax | Our Most Powerful Tractor, Redefined

    The new T9 SmartTrax reflects our legacy of pushing boundaries. It’s more than a new track system. It’s a commitment to farmers built on the basis of innovation, efficiency, capability, and versatility.

  • IntelliSense™ Bale Automation System Overview

    Award-winning IntelliSense™ bale automation for BigBaler PLUS and BigBaler High Density large square balers combines SmartSteer™ swath guidance and the IntelliCruise™ feed rate control system to increase your daily productivity. Using LiDAR to reflect the swath, IntelliSense automatically adjusts your tractor’s steering and speed to ensure even filling of the bale chamber. The result? Hands-free baling to reduce fatigue, less risk of downtime, reduced fuel consumption, and greater bale uniformity and consistency.

  • Yancie Farms Harvest: A New Holland Story

    Watch as the Yancie family takes on harvest season with the help of New Holland equipment and their local dealer, Vanee Farm Centre. Catch up on part 1 of the Yancie family’s story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otRF2UowgHw

  • C314 Mini Track Loader

    The C314 is New Holland's first entry into the Mini Track Loader equipment category, and it's available NOW for customers in the US and Canada! This stand-on compact loader has a 1,000lbs rated operating capacity, a 14-pin common connector, boasts a 24-horsepower engine, and has more than 40 available attachments. Ask your dealer about it today at www.newhollandpurpose.com!

  • New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S Customer Walkaround

    Get to know the ins and outs of your New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S

  • New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S Loader Attachment

    Get to know the loader attachment for your NEW HOLLAND WORKMASTER™ 25S

  • New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S Mid Mount Mower Attachment

    Get to know the mid mount mower attachment for your New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S

  • New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S Backhoe Attachment

    Get to know the backhoe attachment for your New Holland WORKMASTER™ 25S

  • Yancie Farms Seeding: A New Holland Story

    Learn how the Yancie family relies on New Holland and Vanee Farm Centre to make the most of their farming operation.

  • Dirksen Holsteins: A New Holland Story

    Generational ties run deep in farming. See how New Holland equipment, sold and serviced by Robert’s Farm Equipment Sales, has helped generations of the Dirksen family sustain their dairy operation in Centre Wellington, Ontario.

  • Built to Sustain: A New Holland Story

    We stand for purpose driven innovation with tractors and equipment that stand the test of time. We work hand in hand with our dealers and their customers to ensure that farms are profitable and productive, generation after generation. So, when the team depends on you, you know you can depend on us. Learn more at NewHolland.com.

  • Keep in Touch with New Holland Precision Technology

    You have the keys to unlock a wealth of information - and an added layer of support to keep you up and running. Connect to the full horsepower of New Holland with precision and connectivity solutions.

  • Roll-Belt™ 450 Utility PLUS Round Baler Overview

    Small-scale livestock operations making round bales on their own schedules need simple equipment built for the long haul. That’s exactly what a New Holland Roll-Belt™ 450 Utility PLUS round baler delivers. This easy-to-use baler combines the proven performance of the SuperSweep™ pickup and mechanical stuffer with the rugged, legendary Roll-Belt design. Even better, it maintains a low power requirement of just 45 PTO horsepower that’s perfect for smaller utility tractors. Learn more here: https://agriculture.newholland.com/en-us/nar/products/haytools-spreaders/new-roll-belt-round-balers

  • T4 Electric Power Tractor - It's Time to Switch On.

    It’s time to switch on. Join us next week at Farm Progress in Decatur, Illinois and stay tuned here as we publicly unveil the new T4 Electric Power tractor.

  • Introducing the T4 Electric Power Tractor - Power Your Future.

    The T4 Electric Power tractor combines powerful, emission-free clean energy with cutting-edge autonomous technology – the first in the industry. By harnessing the energy of electricity, you get impressive, clean power with less maintenance, higher uptime, and greater savings without the need for fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), or engine filters and oil. For maximum productivity and safety, the tractor offers optimal in-cab ergonomics, proven driveline components, and a robust factory-installed loader with cutting-edge autonomous features provided by the revolutionary Smart Roof. Learn more here: https://agriculture.newholland.com/en-us/nar/products/tractors-telehandlers/t4-electric-power

  • Pro-Belt™ Series Round Balers – User Interface and Precision Solution

    See how the Pro-Belt’s intuitive user interface and array of precision solutions, like the factory-equipped moisture sensing system and IntelliBale™ baler automation, can improve your baling experience and productivity. Learn more here:

  • MyPLM Connect: How to Export Setup Data, Boundaries, Prescriptions & Swaths

    Connect makes it easy to export Setup data, boundaries, and field prescriptions, for import into a customer's machines.

  • MyPLM Connect: Grain Contracts & Harvest Tracking

    Connect offers a quick, convenient way to keep track of your grain contracts, sales, delivery, and storage.

  • MyPLM Connect: How to Create and Edit Custom Legends

    With MyPLM Connect, you have the ability to customize how you view your data layers, like yield, seeding and application data. This video shows you how to create custom legends in MyPLM Connect.

  • MyPLM Connect: How to Post-Calibrate Yield Layers

    Learn how to post-calibrate yield layers within MyPLM Connect. Although the best practice for viewing accurate yield data is to calibrate your combine and display at the beginning of the harvest season, there are times that this is not an option. This video shows you how you can do that within MyPLM Connect.

  • MyPLM Connect: How to Show or Hide your Archived Equipment

    Learn how to show or hide equipment no longer in your fleet within MyPLM Connect. This video shows you how to archive connected machines and lets owners hide equipment that is no longer in their fleet, without deleting the data collected from that machine. Archiving machines no longer in your fleet allows you to hide the equipment so it no longer shows up in your list.

  • MyPLM Connect: How to initiate a Remote Display View session with the IntelliView 12

    Learn how to initiate a remote display view session through MyPLM Connect and the IntelliView 12 display. Remote display viewing connects operators with a farm manager or dealer, so they can view exactly what an operator is seeing on the IntelliView 12 display in the cab, to help with display navigation, set-up, or troubleshooting.

  • MyPLM Connect: The Insights Dashboard

    The Insights Dashboard delivers actionable insights quickly and in an easy-to-read, filterable format. This tool will allow customers to compare machine performance and begin to understand differences between machines and operators.

  • MyPLM Connect: Machine Parameters & Alerts in the Mobile App

    The MyPLM Connect mobile app can show account owners machine parameters, alerts from the machine, and notifications that have been triggered.

  • MyPLM Connect: How to use the API Connections tab

    This video will show you how to use the API Connections tab to link to other API's you use in your farming operation.

  • MyPLM Connect: Machine Parameters Reports

    Learn more about reports available through MyPLM Connect. This video shows you how to run detailed machine parameter reports for your connected machines within MyPLM Connect.

  • MyPLM Connect: Machine Metric & Location History

    Looking back to see a machine's location and metric history can be valuable to an equipment owner. It can help them learn about how the machine is being operated, machine performance and usage, and even tell an agronomic story. Connect allows equipment owners to review location and metric history, for any twenty-four hour period, over the last ninety days.

  • MyPLM Connect: How to Create an Activity Template

    Create an activity template in MyPLM Connect to save time when planning out season and workload.

  • MyPLM Connect: Create & View Equipment Notifications

    Connect lets equipment owners set up and receive notifications about when or where their machines are operating and be notified if a specific CAN parameters hit a particular level. Learn how to create geofence, curfew, and machine parameters notifications, and receive alerts on your mobile phone, Connect desktop, or in your email.

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