Landscape & Construction

Rhino's PTO-driven posthole diggers have 6 to 24" diameter augers and a three-point hitch to fit Categories 0, 1, or 1-2 drives, depending on the model. Our booms and yokes are designed with high strength steel tubing. Shear bolt driveline protection is standard on all models, and the rugged gearbox ensures years of dependable service.

The planetary drive digger is compatible with anywhere from 10 to 30 GPM flow rates and up to 3,000 psi. Mount kits are available for skid-steer loader and front-end loader applications. Mount brackets include a dual-swivel design to keep the auger vertical during operation. The flange mounted output shaft allows for faster service or repair. Rhino industrial grade augers are available from 6” to 36” diameter.

The Rhino FB Series Seeders come with a standard stirring agitator. The Rhino Poly hopper (available only on the FB1200) is specially designed for corrosion resistance. Each seeder has three spreading patterns to choose from, as well as 2-9 MPH operating speeds. We offer 3 models to choose from for a wide range of applications.

We offer different models of Rhino blades that are built with solid steel, made with quick hitches for multiple applications and equipped with a heavy-duty box blade and replaceable cutting edges for extra long life. Our blades are made to fit different compact tractors with adjustment settings to have it perform different jobs.

Rhino’s landscape rakes come prepared for either forward or reverse working direction. Depending on the work at hand, our rakes have 5/16” x 1” rake teeth. The teeth are installed (and can be repaired) individually for quick and inexpensive maintenance. Rhino offers a 1¼” kingpin Optional gauge-wheel kit, for those bigger raking jobs!

Our tillers can help you complete different cultivating tasks thanks to their durable features. Get great ground penetration with our different dimensions of high-carbon steel shanks for easy ground penetration and long life. Other features within our different series include built hardened spoons to allow quality of work and easy repair when the time comes, speed gearboxes, and quick-hitch compatible with CAT 1.

Our Lift-Type Compact Disc Harrows are all CAT 1 hitch Compatible and come in cutting widths anywhere from 60" to 118”. All come equipped with self-aligning, sealed bearings, and high-carbon steel gang axles to ensure long life. This class of harrow runs discs from 16 to 22”.

Our Pull-Type Compact Disc Harrows come equipped with a pull-type hitch with a clevis and hole for a 1 ¼” pin. Greaseable, triple-lip, sealed ball bearings ensure that maintenance is few and far between. These harrows run notched discs at 20 to 22”.

Fuerst Tine Harrows have been an industry leader for more than 40 years. Fuerst harrows are tough, seldom need any maintenance, and have no lubrication requirements.

The Fuerst Harrow scatters livestock droppings, helps control parasites, increases pasture usage, aerates pastures and turf areas, prepares seedbeds, works fertilizer and seed into seedbeds and established sod, and incorporates herbicides. Specially designed tines flex to cover every inch of ground. The Fuerst Tine Harrow easily adjusts for maximum penetration, light penetration, smoothing, or a combination for two jobs in one pass. The Fuerst Harrow works well by itself or in combination with plows, disks, field cultivators, seeders, fertilizer spreaders, and other equipment. Fuerst Harrows are really tough, seldom need maintenance, and are easily stored. They have no parts that need lubrication or adjustment. The Fuerst Tine Harrow is a must for the progressive farmer, rancher, horse owner, contractor, or grounds keeper.