Westfield has developed and refined the best grain augers available. We have a full lineup of options and accessories, including hoppers for your straight auger making it easy to unload bins and fill trucks.

13" diameter | 74' - 114' lengths   | Up to 11,000 bph

16" diameter | 105' - 125' lengths | Up to 23,000 bph

The GULP2 transports with your MKX 130 or MKX 160 auger, no disassembly required, and features a low profile drive over height of just 4.5", a large catchment area and a hydraulically controlled power swing. The GULP2 is designed to match the auger capacity making it the most efficient grain auger on your farm.


Redesigned mover system
Stronger rear canvas, pan and end plate
90º grease zirk for all bearings
Cable clamp to lift cable
One-piece swing flight

**Patent Pending

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