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Designed to be aggressive with quality, reliability, and durability top of mind!

Swapping out traditional round wire combine concaves for our innovative bar-and-grate style modular MAD Concaves™ results in more efficient threshing, getting your grain out of the head and into the hopper quicker for decreased rotor loss and less dockage. This means higher quality crops and more money in your pocket.

In addition to increased quality and reduced loss, our fast and easy-to-change modular designs allow you to quickly swap out inserts in minutes. Therefore, you’ll save you valuable time, which is critical in a busy harvest season.

John Deere Modular Concave Example 1000 500 px



Maximize your combine’s performance efficiencyMAD Concaves are easy to change, which allows you to quickly swap out inserts in minutes and save valuable time. Our cutting-edge concave systems are designed to be aggressive. As a result, you’ll see reduced dockage and losses for higher quality and better returns.


IMG 20201217 WA0018 1024x575CUSTOM CONCAVE DESIGN

MAD Concaves are customized to the combine and the crop for peak performance. Innovative bar-and-grate style modular and one-piece MAD Concaves are built to last with high-quality abrasion-resistant (AR-200) steel, which allows for more extended wear and precision sharpness. Their easy-to-change design will enable you to customize your combine to the crop with different precision grate spacings. From alfalfa to chickpeas, MAD Concaves removes the hassle of changing concaves so you feel comfortable switching them out to get the best crop results during harvest.



We define success as helping you achieve the highest levels of yield and quality possible while increasing your efficiency and profitability through our innovative concaves.


MAD Concaves 15 copy 2 1017x1024SPLIT FRAMES AND ONE-PIECES

The new split frame MAD Concaves with modular inserts, for John Deere and New Holland, were developed to be lighter (68 lbs) and easier to handle and install into the combine.  Once the frame is installed it is never removed, and the modular concaves (30lbs) are easy to insert and quick to swap out in mere minutes with two bolts per insert.  With this design, you’ll optimize your yield and save on people power and recalibration time.

New Holland split frame concave with interchangeable modular inserts. Learn more.


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