Rotary Cutters

Our Rotary Cutters are equipped with blades that can cut through those annoying thick weeds that basic residential mowers can't. Or Single-Spindle cutters are reinforced with a powerful domed deck design to minimize material buildup and make cleaning fast and easy. Our Multi-spindle lines of cutters are economically designed to cut wide with small tractors and ideal for pasture maintenance, shredding stalks, or orchard applications. Don't forget our flex-wing cutters that have anti-scalp features like our renovating TS12 Stealth design that works like a tractor large enough to pull a 15-foot unit. Each flex-wing machine is now more powerfully built with a divider box that keeps it compact, like our 7026 26' FLEX-WING, and a gearbox with high horsepower and a more stable drive shaft-to-blade-carrier design like our 2150 15' FLEX-WING. Pair our cutters with our Flail Mowers and Skid Steers to blend with the contour of the ground and make collecting grass easy.