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Degelman RD320

Degelman RD320

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Degelman RD320



Hard Surfaced Digging Teeth

These hard surfaced digging teeth are two inches thick. This means the teeth won't bend, won't break, and will last a lifetime. The teeth are angled to allow for easy gliding into the soil while the hydraulics are in float position.

Serrated Grabbing Teeth

These serrated grabbing teeth allow for better gripping of the rocks.

Extra Long Teeth

Four extra long teeth allow the RD320 to dig down to 32 inches. The benefits of having four teeth are to provide extra grip, better control and handling, and less chance of the rock skidding or falling out. They also provide a more secure hold on the rock when transporting it.


Model RD320
Width 8'-6"
Transport Length 13'-5"
Weight 2,400 lbs
Hitch Weight 240 lbs
Digging Depth 32"
Horsepower (max) 250 hp
Tires 12.5L x 15
Hydraulics - Lifting/Digging 5" x 24" x 2-1'2" Rod
Hydraulics - Cradle Arms 3" x 16" x 1-1/2" Rod