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Degelman SMX70

Degelman SMX70

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Degelman SMX70



Discs on Command

The Adjustable angle of 0 – 15 degrees on the discs give you the ability to blacken the soil which warms up the field quicker in spring for seeding, speeds up drying on wetter years and allows material to break down over winter.

In drier years, lift the discs out of the way and use as a traditional 4 bar harrow.

Get To Work

Get in and out of the field quicker than ever before. The inboard transport/wing wheel assembly features large floatation tires (500/60-22.5) that hydraulically operate to make sure you're back to work faster than ever before. 

The Strawmaster X transport width of 12-6” and height of 16' 3" makes getting down grid roads safer and easier. The unique end wheel design follows the tractor better than traditional harrows, making it easier to turn into more narrow approaches. 

Simple Disc Harrow Design

After years of testing we have found that one row of 20” discs at 10” spacing combined with 4 bar harrow sections equipped with 30” tines (that's the same as our Strawmaster Pro) resists plugging in wet conditions and allows material to flow through the machine more freely. 

Engineered and Built Tough

At the heart of the machine are the robust 10x10 wing beams. These provide consistent beam torque and tine pressure throughout the machine, and help spread straw evenly for a more consistent field finish. 


Setting Indicators

There are three setting indicators on the Strawmaster X. One for cart height, one for beam torsion and one for tine angle. Knowing exactly how your machine is running is key when getting your desired field finish. 

Disc Angle Adjustments

Having the option to change the disc angle allows you to use the machine in various conditions.

0-4 degrees with a coulter disc will allow you to open the ground and cut trash with minimal soil disruption.

5-7 degrees is good for mixing some dirt with residue while loosening the soil but still leave stubble standing to catch snow.

8-10 degrees is perfect for working low spots with high trash and for drying them out.


Model SMX70
Width 70'
Weight 35,640 lbs
Horsepower(min) 500
Horsepower(ideal) 550
Transport length 55'
Harrow sections 7
Wing beam 10"x10"x1/4"
Cross joints 2 1/2" vertical 3" horizontal
Tires 560/60R22.5 | 500/60R22.5
Hitch weight -790 lbs 
Transport width 12'6"
Transport height 13'6"
Trailer frame 6"x10"x3/8" & 4"x10"x1/2"
Rows of tines 4
Disc Spacing 10"
Disc Size 20"
Disc Angle 0° - 10° variable