Art's Way X550 Manure Spreader

Art's Way X550 Manure Spreader

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Art's Way X550 Manure Spreader



Big spreading power packed in a small box
The X350 and X550 bring the same industry leading spread pattern to producers in a smaller capacity box build for your lots. With box lengths of 25 and 30 feet, easily maneuver in and out of gates. Operate your
floor chain speed and gate height to achieve the amount per acre for best nutrient management. We have two models to choose from with lower horse power requirements:

  • X350: 367 heaped cu. ft.
  • X550: 551 heaped cu. ft


Fill quickly with a skid steer
Easy filing with low loading heights of 74 in. on our X350 and 82 in. on our X550 with used military tires. The flared sides on the X550 allow you to easily load material from the side over the wheel to decrease material loss and load time.

Diverse carrying options
The X350 features a single axle with 16 R-20 used military tires or 660/50 R 22.5 flotation tires. Upgrade to a tandem axle and choose 425 used truck tires or 550/45R 22.5 flotation tires. These allow you to pull the load smoothly
behind your tractor without taking the field out with you.

Our 88C chain boasts a limited lifetime warranty so you know you are always covered while in used. With 38,000 lb. of strength per chain, carry your material towards or away from the beaters. Robust tube steel slats provide additional durability while moving more and more manure.

Rugged box build
Densilite floors have minimal thermal expansion and contraction for less cracking and buckling with temperature changes. Better yet, it creates a slick surface for enhanced material flow. 2 inch uprights on 2 foot centers provide a strong structure for hauling.


Box length 19 ft.
Overall length 349 in.
Overall width (with tires) 118 in./ 133 in.
Overall height 107 in./ 109 in.
Load height 82 in./ 84 in.
Capacity - heaped 551 cu. ft.
Capacity - struck 384cu. ft.
Empty weight 10,600 lb.
Inside width of box 59 in.
Inside height of box 39.5 in.
Flared sides 45°
Apron chain 88C
Floor material 1/2 in. Densilite
Reversible apron Yes
Swivel hitch 2 in.
Gear drive 350 gear drive
Axles Tandem
Tires 16.00/R-20
Flotation tires (optional) 660/65R 22.5
CV PTO 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" 1000 RPM
Slop gate cylinders Chief
Vertical beaters SRT8 removable
Power recommendation 175 hp