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  • WORKMASTER™ Poultry Tractor Reversing Fan

    New Holland "Poultry House Special" WORKMASTER tractors come with an engine reversing fan. They also include an air suspension seat, 600 hour oil change interval, optional creeper gear, and are adaptable to low-clearance environments. Talk to your New Holland dealer for details.

  • Ultimate power and connectivity: The New T9 with PLM Intelligence

    Introducing New Holland’s most powerful and connected tractor to date, the T9 with PLM Intelligence™. With seven different horsepower levels ranging from 370 to 620 rated engine horsepower, operators get best-in-class power and torque.

  • 300 Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders

    Some things are a given. New Holland skid steer and compact track loaders are known for delivering outstanding lift and breakout force, rock-solid stability and the industry’s best visibility. Their Super Boom® vertical lift linkage provides more dump height and reach—and always has. Operator comfort is second to none, with a cab that simply provides more head and shoulder room to accommodate any operator. The new, customizable eight-inch LCD display with an integrated back-up camera gives you a quick, convenient look at engine settings and performance information, all while providing even greater visibility to the rear of the 300 Series loader for more efficient, safer operation. In fact, when you combine the display system with the large rear window, low engine hood and no rear frame towers, the 300 Series offers an unprecedented view out the back. In the 300 Series, we’ve built on the strengths of the 200 Series and then ratcheted up key enhancements throughout. HVAC hoses are now steel-braided for more durability. The new seat belt buckle offers greater flex for more comfort. Turn signals are integrated into the light bar for better on-road safety. Bluetooth radio is standard. Thicker seals in the clean-out area keep out dirt. Straight-line tracking is even better, with deviation reduced to 2 ft. over 100 ft. of travel and less need for manual adjustment. This allows you to maintain a straighter travel and working path when working with attachments. For even more productivity, available creep mode lets you trench, cold-plane or cut brush with greater precision at slower speeds. For more information, visit:

  • New Holland: All One Family - Benton's Farm

    Farming and family go hand in hand. This is the story of the Benton family and their farming operation in Walterboro, South Carolina. Benton's Farm is know for producing high quality hay and they've been New Holland customers for many years. Listen to their story and you'll see that at New Holland, we're all one family.

  • CX Super Conventional Combines

    Tons of versatility: Enhancements on New Holland's model year 2020 CX combines include the Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum, improved Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab and residue management performance as well as Stage V compliance with fuel efficient ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology.

  • Planning for Seeding Season: Featuring a P2082 Air Disc Drill

    Precisely and consistently place seed and fertilizer for equal and even emergence. New Holland P2000 series air disc drills allow incredible seed placement accuracy, leading to higher productivity. The P2082 double-shoot air disk drill shown in this video is designed for one-pass placement. Choose from seeding widths of 30, 40, 50 and 60 feet with available 10-inch row spacing. To learn more about New Holland air disk drills, visit:

  • 2-Acre Talk: P2075 Precision Hoe Drill, P4950 Air Cart, and Dusty Hunter

    A special "2-Acre Talk" video with Hunter Brothers' Dusty Hunter - The country music star and farmer talks about what he likes about New Holland Precision Hoe Drills - Including improvements made and ease of adjustments. The featured setup takes advantage of Flexi-coil heritage of innovation and durability to deliver superior seed and fertilizer placement. For more information on our hoe drills, visit: For more on air carts, visit: Visit Hunter Brothers music website here:

  • Silage Best Practices - Cattlemen to Cattlemen Segment

    NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen episode filmed in Central California highlighting best practices in silage for dairy and beef operations. Featuring New Holland forage harvesters, this is a segment from an episode that originally aired October 29, 2019. For more information on New Holland's FR Forage Cruiser line, visit: Used with permission from NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen.

  • 2-Acre Talk: Guardian™ Front Boom Sprayer and JJ Hunter

    A special "2-Acre Talk" video with Hunter Brothers' JJ Hunter - The country music star and farmer talks about what he likes about Guardian front boom sprayers. For more information on Guardian sprayers, visit: Visit Hunter Brothers website here:

  • The Great New Holland Haytool Giveaway!

    To celebrate North American hay producers, New Holland is giving away over $400,000 worth of haymaking equipment and prizes! In addition to the grand prize drawing on March 2, 2020, entries will be eligible for regular drawings, September 3, 2019 to February 25, 2020. You could win New Holland prize packs including merchandise, toy sets, CropSaver™ and more! To sign up, visit:

  • Hemp - The New Agricultural Frontier

    The commercial hemp industry is growing and developing rapidly. This is an educational video on industrial hemp for fiber production/textiles and seed oil production, as a rotational crop, and other uses. 12 different kinds of seed varieties are being tested for the best results in growth and harvest. This video also covers some of the initial legal and regulatory work being done and advice from the National Hemp Association for farmers looking to start growing hemp. Produced in conjunction with Penn State University and the National Hemp Association

  • New Holland RolaBar® 230 Twin Basket Hay Rake

    The Rolabar® 230 expands raking width up to 30 feet for huge capacity that allows you to reduce the number of passes needed to complete the job, increasing your overall efficiency and productivity. It’s ideal for raking the swaths produced by self-propelled windrowers with heads up to 19 feet wide and wide, center-pivot mower-conditioners. It’s easy to tailor the Rolabar 230 to match field and crop conditions. You can change basket height and pitch with simple turnbuckle adjustments, and the intuitive control box allows you to make changes on the go from the tractor seat. Plus, Using the red and blue buttons on the control box, the Rolabar 230 folds to a narrow 10’8” width for convenient maneuvering and confident, fast transport to the next location. For more information on the RolaBar 230 Twin Basket Rake, visit:

  • IntelliTurn™ Hands-Free Turn Control on Guardian™ Sprayers

    For efficient and accurate headland turns and radius turns, count on the easy to operate IntelliTurn system. To learn more, contact your local New Holland dealer:

  • Tips for Buying a New Tractor: Cattlemen to Cattlemen Episode

    With all the choices out there for tractors, what should you be talking to your dealership about? What questions to ask, and what questions may be asked of you to make sure you get the best unit for your needs. This video originally aired on NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen television show. To find a New Holland dealership near you, visit:

  • Hunter Brothers and New Holland

    The Hunter Brothers were farmers and New Holland customers even before they started topping the Canadian Country Music charts with songs like "Born and Raised", "Those Were The Nights" and "Lost". In fact, their local New Holland dealer, Robertson Implements in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, has been a supporter of the Hunter Brothers – musically and agriculturally – for decades. New Holland is proud to now have a partnership with the five brothers (Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty) as they continue to release some of the best country music out there and stay true to their farming roots. Follow Hunter Brothers on social media: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: - YouTube: Song: "Born and Raised" by Hunter Brothers. Used with permission by the Hunter Brothers.

  • Guardian™ Sprayer AutoFold Feature

    Watch how easy it is to use the AutoFold feature on Guardian™ front boom sprayers. For more information on New Holland's front boom sprayer models, visit:

  • How It's Built: Forage Harvester Assembly Highlights

    Highlights from the New Holland Forage Harvester assembly plant in Zedelgem, Belgium. A look behind the scenes of how FR Forage Cruisers are built. Learn more about these world class choppers at:

  • Braud 9090X Grape Harvester Highlights

    Covering just a few highlights of the New Holland Braud 9090X grape harvester. With industry-exclusive features such as the Noria collection system, and the SDC shaking system, Braud 9000 Series grape harvesters preserve the quality of your grapes for top-quality wines. These high-capacity models are designed to be gentle on the vines, provide better climbing capability in steep hills, and be more efficient and easy to operate. For more information, visit:

  • SP370F Guardian™ Sprayer Highlights

    Stay comfortable and productive all day long in the cab of a Guardian Sprayer. It can be configured with a 1,200, 1,400 or 1,600 product tank and boom widths 90 - 135 feet. Crop clearance is 72 - 78 inches on these models. For more information, visit:

  • Kongskilde 9200 Vertical Till Highlights

    For the best frame strength and built-in machine weight, the Kongskilde 9200 vertical tiller has heavy interwoven pass-through frame members which are horizontally welded. It has 20" soil razor fluted discs and the widest disc gang angle in the industry: 0-16 degrees in four degree increments. It can be used multi-seasonally and is offered in working widths 11 to 43 feet. For more information, visit your New Holland or Kongskilde dealer.

  • FR780 Forage Cruiser Highlights

    Industry leading chop quality, efficient engine and a new NIR system provides information to make land management decisions year after year to maximize farming efficiency. Find out more information on New Holland's line of FR Forage Cruiser lineup here:

  • T6 Dynamic Command: 2 Acre Talk with a Customer

    A New Holland customer and product expert drive the T6.180 Dynamic Command™ tractor. At the time of filming this was the first tractor to be offered with this new transmission that is a 24 speed: 3 range, 8 gears per range. It also featured New Holland's Horizon™ cab. Talk to your local New Holland dealer for details.

  • SP400F Guardian™ Sprayer in Corn

    With 76 inches of crop clearance, spray late in to the season with an SP400F sprayer from New Holland. For more information, visit:

  • SP310F Guardian™ Sprayer in Action

    The New Holland SP310F Guardian front boom sprayer can be configured with 1,000 or 1,200 product tanks and booms from 90 - 135 ft. Adjust ride height up to 78 inches for late season spraying. For more information, visit:

  • Comparison: WORKMASTER™ 75 vs Mahindra 6075

    Which tractor is better? The New Holland WORKMASTER 75 versus a Mahindra 6075. When reviewing comfort, simplicity, visibility, and low cost of ownership it is clear New Holland is best. For more information on this series of WORKMASTER tractors, visit:

  • Comparison: WORKMASTER™ 75 vs Kubota M7060

    Which tractor is better? The New Holland WORKMASTER 75 versus a Kubota M7060. When reviewing comfort, simplicity, visibility, and low cost of ownership it is clear New Holland is best. For more information on this series of WORKMASTER tractors, visit:

  • Comparison: WORKMASTER™ 75 vs John Deere 5075E

    Which tractor is better? The New Holland WORKMASTER 75 versus a John Deere 5057E. When reviewing comfort, simplicity, visibility, and low cost of ownership it is clear New Holland is best. For more information on this series of WORKMASTER tractors, visit:

  • Forage Harvester Feed Roll Service

    For more information on New Holland Forage Cruisers, visit:

  • Forage Harvester - Metaloc™ and RockAlert™

    The Metaloc system includes a 5 year metal ingestion warranty. The Metaloc™ system detects ferrous metal objects in the forage and instantly stops the feedrolls; active protection for the machine and for livestock. On the RockAlert™ system, the working principle is that a potentiometer continuously monitors the front feed roll opening. When an instant acceleration of the feed rolls is recorded the software will instantly stop the HydroLoc™ system. For more information on New Holland Forage Cruisers, visit:

  • Forage Harvester Knife Sharpening and Sharpening Stone Replacement

    For more information on New Holland Forage Cruisers, visit: