Straight Augers

When you make only one product, you get to be very good at it. For over 65 years, Westfield has developed and refined the best grain augers available. We’ve learned that farmers want affordable, simple, straightforward designs for labor-saving performance and dependability. Through a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation, Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior quality products. Westfield takes pride in developing the grain auger industry in order to improve the profitability and lifestyle of farmers today. Westfield’s grain augers are built with the best materials, components, and features to provide value and performance you can count on. This is their promise and the reason why they are the industry leader. Their straight augers have been proven to have the best farming features. The main tubes connections are welded and flanges are bolted together for maximum strength. The top drives are sealed and grease-lubricated with forged steel sprockets and heavy-duty chain for reliable, maintenance-free operation. Single-sided controls allow for improved accessibility and ease of use and the upper driveshaft bearings provide long life and smooth, quiet operation.