MKX 160 Series

16" diameter | 85' - 125' lengths | up to 23,000 bph  

Westfield designed every detail of the MKX 160 for today’s demanding large farm and commercial operators. From the engineered top truss, for added strength and stability, to a long list of standard features, the MKX 160 is built to last.

| Wear Edge Technology

Westfield developed Wear Edge Technology™ to extend the life of the flighting. This provides an extra layer of steel welded to the edge on critical wear points. As a result, flighting lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often – saving time and money.

| Powder Coat Paint

Westfield uses a durable powder coat paint for a strong, long lasting finish that looks good and protects against rust.

| Electric Power Swing & Hopper Lift Arm

The MKX 160 comes standard with an electric remote swing hopper that can be switched from the left or right hand side of the auger, making unloading fast an easy. 

| Speed Reducer-Reverser

The speed reducer reduces the RPM of tractors to a speed suitable for augers. The reverser allows the flight direction to be reversed for quick and easy clean-out.

| Square, One-Bolt Flight Connections

The square, one-bolt flight connections ensure the flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation.

| Removable Slip-On Boot Flight

Boot fighting uses Wear Edge Technology™ to extend the life of flighting. Flighting can be easily replaced without having to remove and replace the entire lower flight.

| Service and Maintenance

The MKX Series features six easily accessible service points to allow for quick maintenance of u-joints, chains, bearings, and gearboxes. 

The large clean-out, service points, and access panels allow for fast and efficient auger cleaning and servicing. Tool free inspection areas include, the hopper chain cover, neck transition, boot clean-out and swing head cover.

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