Rhino VR8

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Rhino VR8



  • High clearance center frame and wheel arms leave plenty of room for hay in heavy conditions.
  • Width adjustments can be made from the tractor seat using the optional Hydraulic Windrow Adjustment Kit.
  • Raising the front rake wheels on a VR10 or VR12 allows it to operate as an 8- or 10-wheel unit in heavy conditions.
  • Raising one set of wheels allows right hand or left hand raking in tight spaces.
  • 15-inch tires provide extra stability in the field and on the road.


Model VR8
Number of Finger Wheels 8
Tines per Wheel 40
Finger Wheel Diameter 55"
Tine Diameter 7 mm
Min. Transport Height 7' 9" (2.4m)
Transport Width 8'5" (2.8m)
Min. Working Width 16' 4" (5.0m)
Max. Working Width 18' (5.5m)
Min. Windrow Width 3' (.9m)
Max. Windrow Width 6' 7" (2m)
Operating Speed 14 mph
Weight (approx.) 1,675 lbs (760 kg)
Tires 205-75/15
Min. HP Required 30 HP (22.3 KW)