Crop Driven Rakes


High capacity and flexibility are the hallmarks of the RDF rake. With widths ranging from 25' to 30' 10", large fields are raked quickly, making you more efficient and profitable. The RDF rake features independently floating rake wheels for unobstructed hay flow. Hydraulics adjust the rake arms from working position to transport, and raise and lower the wheels for greater convenience. Rhino is Revolutionizing the raking game!


A V-Type rake available in 8, 10 and 12-wheel configurations. The VR rake has simple windrow adjustments, as well as independent suspension -- making a great rake for uneven conditions. From-the-Seat adjustments allow the rake to change width as well as operate in left or right-hand raking. With all of this versatility, Rhino’s VR hay rake can handle any job you throw at it!


The VR rake’s big brother, the VRX high-capacity Rake can operate on up to a 14-wheel configuration. With larger rake wheels (-- )55" or 60"), -- the VRX can handle the densest hay growth. Rhino’s hydraulic actuator makes windrow adjustments possible from the tractor seat. The VRX high-capacity hay rake is the best kind of "monster" to have in your barn!


The ER Series Rake is durable and economical. Available in 8- and 10- wheel configurations with 55" rake wheels. This rake is a staple for your moderate hay operations.