New Holland ProRotor.3226

New Holland ProRotor.3226

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New Holland ProRotor.3226



Like a mechanical pitchfork, each tine arm uses flexible tines to lift and carry the crop to the windrow. Unlike ground-engaging rakes, ProRotor™ tines don’t need to touch the soil, so there is less risk of contaminants being swept into the windrow. The gentle rotary action builds a well-shaped windrow without roping, and promotes drying after the hay is raked.

Three ProRotor models with working widths ranging from 13’9” to 25’7” are available to suit your raking needs. Choose the ProRotor 3114 single-rotor, side-delivery rake, the ProRotor 3223 dual-rotor, side-delivery rake or the ProRotor 3226 dual-rotor, center-delivery rake.

ProRotor tine arms are different, and that difference provides more capacity and better performance than rakes with straight or radial-mounted tine arms. ProRotor tine arms are curved and mounted at a tangent so the tines are in optimum position to pick up and deliver hay to the windrow.

The sealed rotor gearbox is lubricated by oil and requires only periodic daily maintenance of the crown and pinion, saving you time and providing reliable service.



The heart of a rotary rake is the rotor gearbox, that’s why ProRotor rake rotors are sealed and lubricated by oil for reliable and dependable service life.

Practically maintenance free rotor gearboxes do not require daily greasing of the tine arm assemblies so you spend less time greasing and more time raking


ProRotor tine arms are mounted at a tangent, placing the tines in the optimum position for gathering hay.

The smooth cam action and specially formed tine arm curve lift the tines quickly as hay is deposited into the windrow, resulting in an even and consistent windrow.

To handle your heaviest crops, each tine arm is secured by a through bolt and clamping bolt for high reliability.


Individual raking tines are uniquely shaped to provide equal spacing, improving coverage to reduce missed crop.

With the capacity to handle the heaviest of crops, individual tines have three spring coils for flexibility to protect the stubble from inadvertent contact.

Each tine is securely bolted and coils wrap around the tine arm, for extra piece of mind optional tine saver clips are available.


The ProRotor 3114 follows ground contours closely and precisely, supported by four 18 x 8.5-8 flotation tires on oscillating tandem axles, so an accurate tine height is maintained in rolling terrain.

The rear rotor of the ProRotor 3223 articulates in all three dimensions to follow field contours independent of the front rotor. Each rotor hugs the ground and rakes more cleanly than similar models with fixed rotors. Articulating without complicated pivoting joints and hydraulic cylinders, the rear rotor is supported by four large 18 x 8.5-8 flotation tires on oscillating tandem axles with two additional guide wheels positioned in the front to guide the tines with precision in rolling terrain.

Supported by a tricycle undercarriage with four 16 x 6.5-8 flotation tires, the dual front wheels are positioned close to the tines to lead the rotor controlling tine height and caster precisely to prevent skidding during tight turns.

For challenging conditions such as pivot irrigation tracks and unexpected holes, the optional tandem axle kit provides an extra smooth ride allowing the rotors to follow the terrain closely.

A special “J-shaped” hitch pin secures the ProRotor3114 and ProRotor3223 rakes to the tractor. To reduce hay catching on the drawbar this special hitch pin is shorter and secured on the top.

A hydraulic cylinder controls the hitch angle keeping the rotors level as they are raised on headlands. The ram is threaded to provide a full range of adjustments for different drawbar heights.

Rotor adjustments are simple and easier than ever so you can rake clean every time. Rotor height adjustments can be made without tools and built-in side leveling adjustment ensures you're always set properly without rotor base shims or tire pressure adjustments.



The ProRotor 3226 rotary rake features a dual-rotor, center-delivery design, and a large working width that is perfect for bringing together two swaths from your large mower-conditioner or self-propelled windrower head.

Raking up to 25 ft. 7 in. each pass, the ProRotor 3226 will make quick work of even your largest fields. The central chassis with rear-wheel steering allows this rake to follow your tractor precisely, forming long straight easy-to-bale windrows with gentle turns that are ideal for large square and round balers.

Large hydraulic cylinders lift the rotors easily on headlands and the 85° maximum turning angle allows for fast maneuvering.

Rotors are mounted on a pivot and rotor arms flex in three-dimensions allowing you to follow ground contours closely to rake even your rolling fields clean.


Paint Powder Paint
Cutting Width/Discharge 
Crop Delivery Center
DIN Width - Sing Swath or Min (m/ft) 23-Jul
DIN Width - Double Swath or Max (m/ft) 7.8/25.6
Length (m/ft) -
Transport Length (m/ft.) 5.9/19.4
Width (m/ft.) 2.8/9.2
Transport Width (m/ft.) 2.8/9.2
Transport Height w/ arms removed (m/ft.) 3.5/11.3
Height (m/ft.) 4.1/13.5
Capacity (hph/aph) 8.4/20.8
Weight (kg/lbs.) 1640/3616
Rotor Diameter (m/ft.) 3.4/11
Clean Swept Working Width (not noted on supplied tables) (m/ft.) 2 x 3.0/2 x 9.8
Cam Track Diameter (mm/in) 260/10.2
Minimum Tractor Requirement 
Power Requirement (kw/hp) 37/50
PTO Speed 540
PTO Type Single Wide Angle CV
Overrunning Clutch Integral to PTO
Protection Individual Radial Pin Clutch on each Rotor
Tractor Attachment 
Hitch 2pt Semi-Mounted Category 2
Special Hitch Pin NR
Rotor Articulation System 3D
Num. Rotors 2
Num. Arms / Rotor 11 Right / 11 Left
Num. Tines / Arm 4
Tine Arm Diameter (mm/in) 35/1.4
Tine Arm Attachment to Gearbox 2 bolts
Tine Arm Removal for Transport/Storage Lynch pin
Tine Diameter (mm/in) 9/0.4
Front Swath Board Standard w/ Central Swath Board
Rear Swath Board N/A
Swath Board Adjustment/Folding Hydraulic Folding for Transport
Height Adjustment Mech Hand Crank Adjustment
Rotor Headland Clearance (mm/in) -
Removable Tine arms/ Folding Guards Standard
Undercarriage Tires/Wheels 16x6.5-8 PR6
Axle Dual Nose wheel / Single rear Optional Tandem Axle Kit
Hyd. Requirements 1 Single Acting
Chassis Tires/Wheels 10.0/75-15.3
Rear Wheel Steering Standard
Max. Turning Angle 85 deg
Transport Lighting Standard
Transport Safety Chain/Hitch Check Chains N/A
SMV Emblem Standard
Transport Lighting Requirement ASAE 7 Pin
Electrical Requirements NA
Operating Speed 
Operational Speed 8-14 k/h / 5-8.5 mph