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Reversible semi mounted plough shearbolt protected. CVL 4-7 furrow, DVL from 5-8 furrows. Non stop hydraulic stone release or fixed beam shear bolt version. Both models have robust frames with high ground clearance. A large area of free space around the tractor treaded depth wheel means trouble free ploughing under difficult conditions. Narrow transport width, a low centre of gravity and good weight distribution enable quick and safe transport without compromising steering ability on rough surfaces



  CVL 5975F CVL 6975F DVL51080F DVL61080F DVL71080F DVL81080F
Approx. weight 1.7 t 1.8 t 2.3 t 2.6 t 2.8 t 3.0 t
Number of furrows 5 6 5 6 7 8
Point to point clearance 3.0 ft 3.0 ft 3.3 ft 3.3 ft 3.3 ft 3.3 ft
Under beam clearance 2.5 ft 2.5 ft 2.6 ft 2.6 ft 2.6 ft 2.6 ft