FH400 Series


For 4WD MFD, 2WD & Tracked Tractors. The FH-400 Cat IIIN Front 3-Point is developed to fit tractors from 100 HP to 400 HP. The FH-400 is a standalone product used to push dozer blades, bean cutters, row crop tillage, planters, carry fertilizer tanks, weights and more.


  • All FH-400 3-Points Are Cat III Narrow
  • Torsional Push Force Is Transferred To The Tractor Frame And Draw Bar Through An Under Axle Frame
  • Lower Arms Are Claw Quick Attach
  • Hitch Comes Complete With All Mounting Hardware, Hoses And Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Double Acting Lift Cylinders
  • Only Grouser Three Points Have a Lift Range of Minus 6" to Plus 36"



  • 15,000 Pound Lift Capacity At The Claws
  • Lift Range - 42"
  • Lift Cylinder Size – 4" X 12" With 2" Rods
  • Front SCV Outlets (1 or 2 Sets) (Optional)
  • Ground Clearance - 15" (Typically)