AG Pro Silage Special

AG Pro silage special


Grouser has developed a new class of AG PRO dozers for your 350-520 HP tractor. Designed to be the ultimate Silage Blade. The Silage Special has an unobstructed slanted top surface along with a grille guard to prevent silage from building up and being pushed into the tractor grille. The new AG PROss blade along with the AG PRO plus undercarriage and lift system will raise the blade up and out of the way, meeting your customers' requirements to spread and pack silage efficiently.


  • Single control angle system
  • AG PRO plus lift system
  • Hydraulic angle tilt only
  • Silage shedding blade, tilt and angle design
  • Optional high capacity end plates
  • Standard grille guard (JD, Case IH and New Holland ONLY)
  • Grease bank for easier servicing



  • Horsepower: 325-500
  • Paralift: Yes
  • Blade Widths: 12' - 18'
  • Top Extension: Standard
  • Height w/Top Ext.: 72"
  • Lift Height: 56"-58"
  • In-Ground: 22"-25"
  • Ground Clearance: 20"-22"
  • Angle: 30 Deg Shingle Pivot
  • Tilt: 10 Deg
  • Quick Attach: Yes
  • Lift Cylinder: 2) 4.5"X18"
  • Cutting Edge: 5/8" X 6" Reversable
  • Transport Width: Blade Width