Belly Blades

Belly Blades Homepage ImageTough Jobs Require Tough Tools!


The Belly Blade patented by Grouser Products will make a once difficult job the easiest on the job site. Contractors, Ranchers, Farmers, Municipalities, and Property Owners can stop twisting their backs to see what they have done and start seeing what they are doing.

The Belly Blade will perform six different functions hydraulically-raise, lower, angle, tilt, pitch, and side shift.

Since the Grouser Belly Blade performs all the functions of a full sized motor grader. There is no job that you shouldn't be on.

A Belly Blade will give you better control of your grade by putting the blade under the machine where it belongs versus dragging a blade behind. One look at this attachment’s heavy duty frame and reinforced blade tells you that it was made to work.


Belly Blades Homepage ImageFeatures

  • Operator Friendly Controls
  • Quick Attach System
  • Laser Capable
  • Compatible with OEM Loader Arms
  • Grade 50 Blade
  • Hardened Cutting Edge
  • Ten Way Blade
  • Adjustable Angle Stops
  • Blade Attachments



Belly Blades Homepage Image 2Benefits

  • Accuracy
  • Labor Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Material Savings
  • Ease of Operation
  • Equipment Costs
  • Compatible with OEM Loaders




  • Angle
  • Tilt
  • Raise
  • Blade Pitch (Heal / Toe)
  • Side Shift