Degelman 3500

Degelman 3500

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Degelman 3500



Designed for 40-150 horsepower 2WD tractors, skid steers, front-end-loaders and most front-wheel-assisted tractors, the 3500 series gives you the robust blade design Degelman is known for in a compact blade.

Benefit from 0° to 18° two-way hydraulic angling that allows you to choose any angle you want; our tool-less D-lock® Quick-Tach mounting system so one person can attach/detach the blade in minutes; double-skin construction and AR400 reversible skid shoes.

  • Available in 8ft, 9ft, 10ft & 12ft widths. (Note: Larger blade widths may not be compatible will all tractors)
  • Compatible with 2WD tractors, skid steer loaders, front-end loaders and front-wheel-assisted tractors.
  • 18° two-way hydraulic angling on 2WD and front-wheel-assisted tractors.
  • 30° two-way hydraulic angling on skid steers and front-end- loaders.


  • Attaches in minutes with D-lock® Quick-Tach.
  • One-person tool-less attaching/detaching.
  • Unique-mounting design.
  • No welding: minimal bolt-on brackets only.
  • Integrated front weight bracket.


  • Double-skin blade construction.
  • Degelman industrial-strength cylinders.
  • Reversible, adjustable AR400 skid shoes.
  • Ripple-formed blade.


Range of Motion

4-Way: Hydraulic Lift, Angle & Tilt

One Person, No Tools

40-150 HP 3500 Series

Designed to mount on popular utility tractors, this blade is a smaller version of the 4600 and 5700 Series.

Rear Axle / Front Hook Mount

3500 Blades commonly mount using a front mounted hook and two rear axle brackets. The operator typically drives into the front hook, connects the hydraulics, hydraulically lifts the rear frame into position, and secures the "D-Lock" connections on the rear axle brackets. (46/5700 shown in illustration)

No Welding - Easy Bolt-On Assembly

Simple, Bolt-on brackets are all that is attached to your tractor. The rest of the assembly quickly attaches and detaches from these simple brackets. The brackets can also be removed if needed!

Common Components

Many of the 3500 blade assemblies use common components in different configurations. Here are some basic descriptions of some common components.

Quick-Attach D-Lock® Mounting

The D-Lock® mounting system offers the convenience of quick attach/detach as well as long life. No tools are required. Fit-ups are 100% secure with zero movement. The blade can be removed in minutes by disengaging two points on the front axle brackets.


Dozer Series 3500
Tractor Horsepower Range 40-150 HP
Tractor Type 2WD & FWA
Blade Widths Available 8', 9', 10', 12'
Blade Weight 1350-1450 lbs
Blade Height (standard) 27"
Blade Height (with top extension) 32"
Blade Height (with silage extension) 46"
Lifting Height (approximate) 20"
Lift Cylinders 3" x 8"
Hydraulic Angle 18º
Angle Cylinders 2 1/2" x 16"
Hydraulic Vertical Tilt n/a
Tilt Cylinders n/a
Cutting Edge (MaxTemp Steel) 5/8" x 6"
Digging Depth 6" to 8"
Skid Shoes (abrasion resistant) Standard Adjustment
Mounting System - D-lock® D-lock® Quick-Tach
Mounting Location Rear Axle
Mouldboard (ripple formed blade) 10 ga.