Colombo Double Master Bean Combine

Colombo Double Master Bean Combine

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Colombo Double Master Bean Combine



1- The low profile pickup head and dual feed auger assures a smooth flow into the rotor. The head is driven by hydraulic variable speed with reversing. The pickup fingers are made of long-life AR 360 plate steel and the top roller gently turns with the fingers to ease heavy vines into the auger and prevent kick-outs and rolling.

2- Rotary threshing has been proven to be the best method of crop harvesting. Rotary combines are not as aggressive as conventional cylinder machines. The Colombo System uses the rotor’s centrifugal force to pull the beans off of the vines and onto the shaker pan rather than the shredding action of combines with spring teeth.

3- In the exclusive Colombo cleaning system the beans are never blown or floated by air. Instead dual high volume vacuum fans gently lift the trash from the top of the heavier beans as they reach the rear of the shaker pan.

4- The peanuts are gently transported up to the basket in the exclusive Colombo style elevator that uses cups to scoop up the beans, take them to the top and then drop them in the bin. A hydraulic auger then levels the beans in the basket increasing the storage capacity. Colombo’s bucket elevator system eliminates many areas where LSK’s are increased in conventional combines that use elevator fans and air ducts to deliver the beans in the basket.


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