Snow Blowers

Rear Mount and Pull Type Models


Art’s Way Snow Blowers offer power, durability performance and value. With a heavy-duty auger and large high-speed impeller, Art’s Way Snow Blowers really dig into snow banks. A heavy-duty gear box provides the power to get through huge snow drifts.  PTO driven by your tractor.


Choose from 28 different models: rear-mounted or pull-behind models from 4 ft. 6 in. up to 10 ft. wide units. Art’s Way Snow Blowers are capable of moving mounds of heavy snow with 5, 6, 7, 8 ft. or whopping 10 ft. wide swaths up to 3 ft. deep. Designed with an open auger and large center auger paddles, the snow blower cuts through even hard packed snow and prevents clogging and build up as it funnels the snow from a 45 degree floor to the center chute.


Art’s Way Snow Blowers are built to withstand whatever mother nature dumps on us. Manufactured with formed steel construction; inside welds on the blower housing and chute provide added strength and integrity. One-piece blower band and one-piece discharge provide structural strength. Protected auger bearings extend the life of the unit. A high quality finish of epoxy paint protects against corrosion and increases longevity.


Each unit offers additional value with optional equipment to automate chute and deflector positioning to easily direct snow stream accurately from the cab.  Choose from mechanical or hydraulic operation of chute turners and deflectors for your snow blower.  Add more protections with adjustable skid shoes.


  • Open auger design
  • Large center paddles
  • Inside welds on blower housing and chute
  • One-piece blower band
  • One-piece discharge
  • Standard adjustable deflector
  • 45-degree floor
  • Large center auger paddles
  • Protected auger bearings