Art's Way 2650

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Model 2250 and 2650 – double the performance

Easy hookup, convenient hydraulics plus simple adjustment for height and windrow placement
Speed productivity and reduce your harvest time.

Combines two hydraulically driven model 1150 or 1350 rakes with a steerable heavy duty swing frame that doubles as a rake positioner and hydraulic oil cooler/reservoir.

Easy setup and adjustments.

On-the-go remote hydraulics lifts rakes and sets raking height. Both rakes are controlled together by one remote at the tractor. Swing frame position is set by a second hydraulic remote which controls a rear steering cylinder. An adjustable hitch for the rear rake allows additional rake positioning, and a transport lock keeps the assembly directly behind the towing tractor.

Efficient hydraulics.

The swing frame features a self contained PTO driven hydraulic system which equally powers the high torque rake motors. Speed of the tractor PTO controls speed of rotors. Quick disconnects allow for easy unhooking, so individual rakes can be used independently.


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