Land Plane

Dead furrows, back furrows, and implement scars are all erased with the patented Art’s Way floating hitch design. An Art’s Way leveled field makes efficient use of expensive water. Water will run to the end of every row – each plant receives its share. There are no low spots to drown out or high spots to burn out. Art’s Way land planes are designed for high speeds to save you time, labor and money by eliminating extra passes.

Land Planes are the only way to insure even distribution of rainfall or irrigation. Water pockets can be eliminated by utilizing the natural slope of the field. On rolling ground, land smoothing improves surface drainage thereby controlling erosion. Tile drainage will handle sub-surface moisture, but a smooth field is necessary to remove excess surface water before damage occurs.

The Art’s Way Land Plane with the floating hitch keeps the Land Plane on grade and levels the ground for maximum control of surface drainage.