Grinder Mixers and Hammer Mills

Do you feed different types of livestock? Need to grind fast? Our hammer mills allow you the flexibility to change micron size results on the fly with changeable screens. Units are available on a stationary or portable base and with or with a mixing tank in several sizes.

All of the hammer mills feature 4-way reversible knives to get more use out of this common wear item. Choose between a 20 or 26 inch hammer mill size to match the output you desire. A throat magnet prevents metal debris from staying in your feed through processing. A balanced rotor assembly keeps your mill operating smoothly.

Adding an auger feeder makes it easy to load your portable units. The portable units also feature different discharge auger options from a side to side on the units without a tank, choosing mechanical or hydraulic on our smallest grinder mixer, or run with a remote control on our larger units.

105 bushel capacity tank

140 bushel capacity tank

165 bushel capacity tank